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5 Ways To Play

An initiative led by the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee has pulled together expert advice and input from its many national governing bodies (NGBs) to produce the Team USA Parent Youth Sports Resources.

Beginning April 5 and continuing each month through the end of 2019, the program will roll out a total of 32 resources to help parents negotiate their way through the youth sports machine. It is an ambitious program that involves input from 12 NGBs, including USA Hockey, USA Swimming, USA Volleyball and others.

"For the most part, our sports may be a little bit different, but the youth sports experience that parents want for their kids, it's the same thing," says Ken Martel, USA Hockey's technical director of the ADM. "We just have so much in common. Parents want the same things for their kids. They want them to be safe. They want to have an enjoyable experience. They want to succeed."

The Following NGBs Contributed to the Creation of These Resources