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10U Half Ice: Just a Rumor?

01/03/2020, 11:00am MST
By Kenny Rausch

Q: I’ve heard a rumor that USA Hockey is going to make a rule change that 10U will have to be played on half ice next year, is this true?

A: No, it is not true. The next rule change year isn’t until 2021 (Rule proposals can be submitted following the 2020 Annual Congress) so there will be no rule changes that take place until the 2021-22 playing season. 

With that being said, there have been a few places around the country that have adopted this format of play at 10U. PNAHA (state of Washington) has been playing half ice for 10U hockey for a number of years and have shown great growth and retention. ASHA (state of Alaska) adopted a rule last year that 10U teams play a minimum of six half-ice games a year. 

There are a few other states around the country in that also play half ice at 10U in some capacity. Many European countries (Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, and others) also use this format and rave about its successes and development benefits. For more information on 10U half ice hockey you can read here

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Kenny Rausch began his coaching career in 1996 with Boston University, his alma mater. As a player, he earned Beanpot Tournament MVP honors and was named a Hockey East Distinguished Scholar.

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