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10 Reasons We Love Hockey

09/22/2023, 3:30pm MDT
By USA Hockey

Counting down the best reasons why we play

There are hundreds of reasons to love hockey. Thousands perhaps. Maybe millions. So as we begin the new season, full of anticipation, excitement, and big dreams, let’s count down 10 of some of the best reasons we play.

The Goals: There’s no better feeling than going bar-down, five-hole, backhand, burying a juicy rebound, you name it. Scoring a goal for the team and celebrating with your friends is such a fun and rewarding experience.

The Big Saves: Nothing gets the crowd and bench riled up like a big save by the goaltender. As the last line of defense, goaltenders thrive when the pressure is on. A big save can boost everyone’s confidence and shift the momentum of a game.

The Speed: Skating is the name of the game, and these kids are getting faster and faster. As kids get more comfortable on their edges, learn to accelerate, and turn on a dime, the game gets more fun and exciting.

The Sounds: The sound of steel carving into the ice, pucks ricocheting off the boards, kids shouting and laughing, the whistles and buzzers just to name a few. There’s no other place quite like the rink, our home away from home.

The Smells:

The Teamwork: Hockey is the ultimate team sport that teaches children to work together, communicate, and support each other. These skills will last a lifetime as they mature, begin their careers, start families and be active community members.

The Adversity: There will be many ups and downs throughout a player’s youth hockey career. That’s part of the magic of ice hockey. It’s tough to see kids fail, but that is how they learn, grow and develop, on and off the ice. Let them play!

The Development: Hockey is a very difficult sport to learn. Watching our young players piece things together — execute a new stickhandling move, shoot the puck with higher velocity, or make a big defensive play — is truly gratifying and keeps us coming back.

The Locker Room: You never know what’s going to come up in conversation in the locker room. It’s where kids can talk about the school day, what’s for dinner, their favorite superheroes and everything in between. The locker room is a special place where kids can be themselves, bond with each other, and be social.

The Tournaments: There’s nothing like a big holiday or end-of-season tournament to get everyone pumped up. The parents are planning team meals and activities. The brackets and schedules are released and the expectations are high. The big tournaments will be remembered by all, no matter the outcome.

The Friendships: The friendships formed through hockey will last a lifetime. Ask Olympians and pro players and they’ll tell you they are still in touch with their buddies from youth hockey. The experience of competing and growing with your friends in hockey is extremely special.


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