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6U Divider Tag

11/24/2023, 9:45am MST
By USA Hockey

Purpose: To increase edge control, awareness, dodging, change of direction and quickness in a fun, engaging drill. This drill is excellent for teaching the foundational physical components of puck control and puck protection.

Coaching Points: Pair up players with similar skating ability and start them on opposite sides of the divider. Designate one player as "it" (Player X in this diagram). The "it" player (X) tried to tag the opposing player. Players begin on the command.


  1. 1v1 Tag: Player X simply tries to tag Player O. Players must skate around the divider. Changes of direction and head fakes are encouraged. Players cannot reach over the divider. Advanced options include (A) allowing players to jump over the divider and (B) allowing players only to "duck walk," i.e., skate with open hips.
  2. Provide a ringette ring to the opposing player. Player X must strip the ring from Player O. Same rules as above apply.
  3. Provide a puck to Player O. Player X must take the puck from Player O. Same rules as above apply.

Equipment: Pucks, dividers, ringette rings.

Comments: Let the kids work and rest on their own. They'll pace themselves accordingly and won't realize how hard they're working because they're having so much fun. Encourage the players to be creative and quick. Eyes must be up, watching the opponent at all times so reading and reacting can occur. Encourage head fakes, spins, strong edges and changes of direction.

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