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8U Tomas Fun Agility Course

12/28/2015, 10:45am MST
By USA Hockey

Purpose: To provide a fun obstacle course for 8U players to conquer while developing skating, balance, goaltending and overall hockey skills.

Drill Structure/Coaching Points: Start with two large nets facing each other but staggered off center. This creates a mini tunnel for the players to skate through. Line up five cones across the top of the circle. Here the players will use an alternating single foot and skate around the cones on the inside edge. After they round the last cone, have them turn and attack the net. Set up an obstacle for the players to slide under at the hashmarks. Once the players slides (Superman style) under the obstacle, have that player stand up and receive a pass from the coach for a shot on net. NOTE: Have the goalie work on scoping (striding out toward the attacking player). Goalie should start on the near post for every shot and scope to the shooter. This will help the goalie practice proper angles and skating.

Equipment: Pucks, nets (3), cones, extra hockey stick for Superman obstacle (we recommend also using hockey tape to secure stick to cones).

Comments: This drill is a great combination of fun and skill development. Players love the net tunnel obstacle. Use a marker to indicate skating path through the cones. Have the players slide under the Superman obstacle, get up quickly and shoot.

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