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10U Extreme Crossovers

09/29/2015, 11:45am MDT
By USA Hockey

Purpose: Practicing short and long crossovers.

Drill Mechanics: Have X1 begin the drill by starting on one knee on the face-off dot. To start, she or he stands in the athletic ready position and begins skating with crossovers tightly around the dot. These initial crossovers will be short and quick. As the player widens out with each pass around the circle, the crossovers should become more elongated and powerful. As X1 begins the initial tight crossovers, X2 sprints to the dot (avoiding collision with X1) and takes a knee to begin the drill. This drill can follow a progression from clockwise circles to counterclockwise to having each skater alternate clockwise and counterclockwise.

Coaching Points: This drill should involve two or three players skating simultaneously. Emphasize that the players stay low with a good knee bend while keeping their head and chest up.

Equipment: None.

Comments: This is a skating technique drill, not a race, so emphasize executing each crossover with perfect technique. If a player needs additional help, once the drill is up and running, pull that player aside for individual instruction.

Tag(s): Drill of the Month