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12U 1v1 Angling

07/29/2015, 3:15pm MDT
By USA Hockey

Purpose: This drill works on basic breakout and regroup patterns, passing and receiving skills as well as angling, body contact and body-checking skills.

Drill Structure: X1 passes to X2 and then pivots low for a return breakout pass. X1 then passes to X3 and pivots high for a return regroup pass. X2, upon passing back to X1, skates around the tire and then tries to angle and play off X1 before he or she can attack the net.

Coaching Points: The main focus of this drill is to work on X2's angling, body and stick positioning as he or she defends against X1. The stick should be down and played stick-on-puck as X2 closes. X2 must establish body position that eliminates the opponent's ability to cut inside to middle ice. X2 needs to close on X1 and separate X1 from the puck.

Equipment: One tire and one net.

Comments: X2 is provided with a favorable starting angle on X1 to increase the chances of successfully defending. The live-action play will allow X2 players to develop and refine the timing skills needed for angling and playing a 1v1 from the middle of the ice.

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