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8U+: Pivot Tag Skating Drill

01/04/2017, 11:45am MST
By USA Hockey

Purpose: To create an environment where players are forced to pivot from backward skating to forward skating and forward to backward in a fun, competitive setting.

Drill Structure: Players do not use sticks. Designate (use marker on ice if needed) one side of the red line as forward skating (north side, in this example) and backward on the other side of the red line (south, in this example). Use dividers to cordon off the playing areas at center ice. Boundaries are now the dividers and both blue lines.

Coaching Points: Designate the “it” player. In this example, the “it” player is Player X. All other players must dodge or elude to avoid getting tagged by Player X. All players must stay in the designated boundaries. All players, including the “it” player, must skate either forward or backward depending on what zone they are in. Players in the forward-skating zone must skate forward; players in the backward-skating zone must skate backward. Players must pivot when crossing the center red line from backward to forward or forward to backward. Once a player is tagged, have them perform an agility move five times before returning to the game. A simple agility move may be five both-foot jumps, five down-ups, five jumping jacks, etc.

Equipment: Ice marker and dividers.

Tag(s): Drill of the Month