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12U-14U: Backward net 3v2 with hanger

09/02/2017, 2:15pm MDT
By USA Hockey

Purpose: This is a small-area game that involves a transition pass, wraparound look and increased wall play for body contact. This game also works on a man-advantage situation.

Coaching Points: Use dividers at the hash marks to keep the puck in play. Play 3v3 below the hashes, however, one player on the defending team (X, in this example) must always hang back on the offensive side of the mid line (in this example, the solid blue line drawn with an ice marker).

This creates a numerical advantage for the attacking team, 3v2. Once the defending team gains control of the puck (X in this example), they must head-man the puck over the solid blue line to create transition going the opposite direction. Players can wrap the puck.

Equipment: Two dividers, ice marker, two nets, pucks.

Comments: This drill is good when introducing body-contact concepts. Once the goalie makes a save on the wrap-around, the play should naturally head to the wall. Emphasize winning battles and making plays off the wall. Good puck-protection skills will be needed during this drill. Also, work on power-play concepts for the three attacking players.

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