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10U-14U: Diagonal Divider Pass

11/02/2017, 10:30am MDT
By USA Hockey

Work on passing and vision with this age-specific drill

Purpose: To develop passing skills, including the ability to receive the puck on the backhand and move laterally with the puck while moving the hands across the body to deliver a forehand pass.

Coaching Points: Start drill with a RIGHT-shot player and LEFT-shot player facing each other behind two dividers. Players should work together and move in opposite direction of each other. In this example, Player O has the puck and moves to his/her left (their forehand side). Player X moves to his/her left (their backhand side). Player X gives Player O a good target. Player O passes the puck to Player X. Player X corrals puck on backhand, and in one motion, moves to the right while moving the puck across his/her body. Drill continues as player X reports to the right side of his/her divider to deliver a forehand pass to Player O on his/her backhand at the right side of his/her divider. Repeat as many times as desired.

Equipment: Two dividers and a puck.

Comments: Encourage players to work together, match their timing and verbally communicate. Encourage players to keep head and eyes up. Encourage players to move hands across body quickly. Set up more than one station to keep all kids active during this drill.

Progression: Mix the hand of the passers to encourage backhand passes.

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