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10U-12U: 1v1 Puck Battle With Net-Front Tip

02/28/2019, 9:00am MST
By USA Hockey

Purpose: Create a contested 1v1 puck battle below the goal line. Winner of the puck (X1 in this example) can pass to any of the O players waiting above the top of the circle. After the pass to O2 is made, X1 heads to the front of the net for a screen and tip. F1 player who loses the puck battle assumes defensive role and defends the front of the net by boxing out and lifting stick. Play this drill out as desired.

Drill Set-Up: Create loose puck behind the net. Shooters must stay above the top of the circle.

Object of Drill: Win a battle, make a play. Win the puck, pass to a shooter and crash the net with screen and tips. Score on loose-puck rebounds. Defend the net front and teach good shooting habits from the outside.

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