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C: Commitment

It takes commitment to excel in sports. Working hard to improve as an athlete takes time and sweat. Athletes must overcome adversity. Nothing is easy. In team sports, like hockey, there is an added level of commitment – a commitment to your teammates.

When people talk about the values that can be learned in sport, values that transcend into other aspects of life, they often mention the value of work ethic; working both with and for teammates. Being committed to teammates’ success and the team’s overall success can teach and nurture selflessness.

Commitment also means being accountable to teammates. Hockey requires players to make contributions to the team in many ways. Only one player gets credit for scoring a goal, but there are usually many plays that lead up to that end result. The player who defended, the goalie who made the save, the player who won the puck and made the pass – they all contribute. All of them must show commitment to produce that end result of a goal.

And when that ultimate success is achieved, through commitment with teammates and friends, there is no better feeling.