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Coaches FAQ

What is Peak Height Velocity?
PHV is commonly referred to as the Adolescent Growth Spurt. 

Is the ADM trying to change the way I coach?
The ADM wants to make coaches aware of what is most important at each stage of a child’s athletic development. We only have so much time with the kids so we need to be efficient and give them what they need most at each stage. This can optimize player development and limit coaches’ frustrations in attempting to teach what kids are least receptive to. 

My teams are consistent winners. Why should I implement the ADM?
Most coaches can make sacrifices in development and gain wins in the short run. But it could end up being detrimental to a kid somewhere down the line. It’s always great to win, but at the same time, we need to be more careful with how we develop kids. If you’ve been doing something that’s netted you wins, then we’d still encourage you to implement part of this program so down the line, you’ll see the same kids you coached playing in the NHL.