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Repetition & Player Activity

Repetition is the mother of all learning. This saying is really old…old enough to be one of those latin phrases that’s engraved into stone: Repetitio mater studiorum est. It's the same in the classroom as it is in sports.

We should always seek to increase the number of repetitions for our players during all of our hockey practices. One of the best ways to create more repetitions is to break players into smaller groups and utilize the ice surface more efficiently though station-based practices. Ice time is a valuable commodity; we need to use it wisely for the development of our kids.

Activity Tracker

What really happens on the ice in practice and in games?

USA Hockey uses an activity tracker to evaluate the developmental opportunities that occur for players. When analyzing the difference in actual player activity, station-based practices / small-area games create far more activity and developmental opportunities compared to full-ice games and practices. Use this activity tracker and see for yourself.

Digital Activity Tracker on Mobile Coach App

Take the ADM recommended Activity Tracker with you to the rink and track your player's progress with the new digital version on Mobile Coach.

Download the latest version of the USA Hockey Mobile Coach App and start tracking practices and games with the simple digital activity tracker.

Activity Tracker available on phones and tablets