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Parents FAQ

My child has made the “A” teams in the past. Will participation with the ADM change that?
The ADM will give your child the best opportunity to be successful in hockey over the long run. It's more important to be the best midget player than the best mite or squirt! 

How will my child’s birth month affect their playing status?
The ADM’s structure provides more opportunity for a late-date-of-birth player to succeed than in antiquated youth hockey structures. Strategies are built into the ADM stages to address this relative-age effect. 

How will the ADM save me money?
The ADM optimizes resources in the development of players. More kids on an ice surface reduce the cost of participation for all players and can provide extra development time as well. Placing only 14 squirt-age players on the ice at one time is inefficient and doesn’t contribute any more to their development than placing 36 squirts on the ice together. If a single-team practice had any benefit to player development, USA Hockey would make that recommendation, but there is no advantage to single-team practices at young age groups.