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14 & Under

  • Building the “engine” and consolidating sports skills
  • Optimal window for stamina or endurance
  • Critical window to aerobic training begins with onset of Peak Height Velocity 
  • Optimal training window for speed (second speed window)
    • Develop anaerobic lactic power and capacity
  • Optimal window for strength
    • 12 – 18 months after Peak Height Velocity 
  • Play hockey 45% of the time, play multiple sports or engage in activities like soccer, running, gymnastics, swimming, skiing or other activities 35% of the time and engage in fitness through other sports (like lacrosse, baseball, golf, track and field, etc.) 20%.
  • 160 ice sessions per year
  • 4-5 ice sessions per week
  • 80-minute practice sessions
  • Combined and separate practices for team and position
  • 9-month training and competition calendar
  • 16 skaters and 2 goalies per team
  • 120-130 practices and 40-50 games
  • 16 skaters and 2 goalies per team
  • Appropriate off-ice training for LTAD stage