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C: Coordination

C is for Coordination

“Defining coordination is difficult – recognizing its absence is easy”

Coordination – The ability to perform complex movements quickly, learn new movements and quickly switch from one set of movements to another

       Balance – Boys 10-11, Girls 9-10. Some research shows balance to reach full maturity levels 12-14

       Movement Adequacy – (choice of movements applicable to task) – Boys and Girls 8-10

       Kinesthetic Differentiation – (ability to correctly estimate differences in form, distance, timing and amount of strength needed to perform movement) 6-7 and then again 10-11 for both Boys and Girls

       Reaction to Acoustical and Visual Signals – Boys and Girls 8-10

       Spatial Orientation – 12-14 Boys and Girls

       Rhythm – Boys 9-10 and 7-9 for Girls

Coordination, and the abilities that make it up, are formed early. Here is an example of various exercises that promote various elements of coordination