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S: Skating

For hockey players, there is no such thing as being too good of a skater.

When you show up to play basketball, baseball, soccer or almost every other team sport, most kids can already competently run, so time is spent, instead, on learning the game. Our sport is different. Every player must learn new transportation skills just to be involved in the play.

Skating is a skill that players must continue to develop over their entire playing life. A portion of every practice at the 10U age category should be dedicated to refining skating technique and honing skating technique while carrying a puck.

If you can skate well, you can succeed as a player. And as players advance, excellent skating skills become even more important. It's impossible to overstate the value of skating ability. Players should never stop refining their skating ability.

For age-specific practice plans that include games and drills focused on skating, click here.